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Our Philosophy

At WBN Properties we are your real estate partner. We partner with corporations and private owners to maximize the efficiency of your holdings and mitigate damage risks of long term tenants, all the while ensuring that you are paid timely each month such that you can enjoy the passive freedom your real estate can offer. Our property management service operates off a zero based fee structure for the owner or landlord.  We simply pay you your market rent every month.



Maximize efficiency, minimize long-term risk, and enjoy passive freedom

Impeccable Care of the Property

top to bottom cleaning on average twice per week + a deep clean every 2-3 months

Guaranteed Rent | Protection

Rent in your pocket, every month.  Guaranteed.


Our goal is to mitigate your risks.  We provide $3 million in damages and losses insurance coverage + $1 million in liability coverage.

High standard

Each guest is vetted.  We don't accept booking requests unless we're confident that we are allowing quiet, respectful guests into the unit.

Our model of property management utilizes short-term rental platforms like AirBNB, VRBO, and Furnished Finder to book your property. We handle everything from furnishing, stocking, photography, creating property listings, managing booking reservations, and cleaning. 

The cleanliness and maintenance of your property are our highest priorities, and your happiness as a property owner is deeply important to us.


Property owners are happily surprised at how much they love this model! 


Contact us today to see if your property might be a good match.



Our Model


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