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Our Philosophy

At WBN Properties we are your real estate partner. We partner with corporations and private owners to maximize the efficiency of your holdings and mitigate damage risks of long term tenants, all the while ensuring that you are paid timely each month such that you can enjoy the passive freedom your real estate can offer.  We offer two types of owner relationship services, both providing owners a solution which aligns our interest in your home on the same side of the table as you.


At our core, we believe in doing good business with good people.  We lead with integrity.

Taking the experience Katherine has acquired in the real estate industry, coupled with the desire to provide an exceptional owner and guest experience, we believe our partnership with our clients creates the best win-win scenario you will find.

Real estate is a powerful vehicle to create wealth and it is our mission to help more owners and investors leverage the benefits of the short term rental industry

We believe in equipping investors and owners with credible comprehensive data that allows them to make the best and most educated decision towards their goals.   We only have one life, why not make the best of it?



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Our Beliefs


Let's Work Together

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