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Your Long Term Tenant Solution

WBN Properties will long term rent your home from you.  In this relationship, our goal is to be your very best and last tenant.  No more tenant turn overs, no more headaches, no more tenant disturbances.  As your direct tenant, WBN Properties streamlines your ownership and creates a truly passive position as the owner.

Long Term Tenancy Benefits


Impecable Care of the Property.

top to bottom cleaning on average twice per week + a deep clean every 2-3 months


Risk Management.

Our goal is to mitigate your risks.  We provide $3 million in damages and losses insurance coverage + $1 million in liability coverage.  



WBN handles ongoing maintenance over the course of the year up to $800/year.  Think leaking sink, or broken door handle, or other small repair items.  The owner is responsible for all operating systems of the home.


Guarenteed Rent.

Rent in your pocket, every month.  Guaranteed.


High Standards.

Each guest that stays in your home is vetted and approved by WBN.  They complete an online vetting and background process by Autohost, an industry provider.



We offer owners true freedom to enjoy a passive risk mitigated position on their real estate.  Being owners and investors ourselves, we know how to best serve the conversation.

We are so grateful to have found Katherine.  Working with her as our tenant has been easy and we look forward to working more with her in the future.


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